Chris DeCarlo - I
Candidate for Sheriff of Fauquier County.
Election on November 3, 2015.
Campaign announcement speech to be repeated every hour at my Fauquier County Fair booth July 16th - 19th.
New campaign rap video "Gun Fight at the Fauquier Corral" to be released in September.

The real authority of the local County Sheriff has been kept secret because the Office serves as the citizens only elected law enforcement officer with the legal authority to make arrests for the pedaling of influence that keeps Big Brother's racket alive.
"Democracy Rides Again"
Rap Video from 2013 campaign for Fairfax County Sheriff

  • 11/01/13 "Meet Virginia's first rapping candidate for Sheriff."
  • 11/01/13 Politico Influence: "K STREET BEWARE" 9th on the page.
  • 10/29/13 Northern VA Magazine: Fairfax sheriff candidate drops a rhyme to get ‘Big Brother’.
  • 10/19/13 "Candidates for Fairfax County Sheriff speak at Annandale forum."
  • October 15, 2013 Press Release (very short): A New Sheriff for a Corrupted Town.
  • October 3, 2013 Press Release (long): New Legal Discovery - Citizens have the Constitutional means to untangle Federal government gridlock.
  • Flowchart: Political Party Sheriff = Big Brother's Protector
  • WANTED Poster - Crooked Politicians and Big Brother
  • MP3 Soundtrack Download "Democracy Rides Again"
  • Your help is needed to publicize this campaign via twitter, instagram and/or facebook so corruption fighters can win the election and start fighting now instead of in two years with the next election for Sheriff. Send a link to any contacts you have in the media.

    Please call me at 703-973-8102 for more information or send me an email at

    VOTERS: Help "Rock the Capitol" back to its senses by voting for me because I won't accept any contributions and land your strongest punch dead center against political corruption.

    This is a continous campaign against the Invisible Enemy of political corruption because it has infiltrated our government and caused its dysfunction and our loss of trust. This is also a campaign to educate voters that the only way to combat this enemy is by voting for a candidate, such as myself, that will not accept any contributions ever. An election feat that if achieved, would seriously disrupt the status-quo.

    "Invisible Enemy" is a term I coined, but the concept is embodied in what is known as the "Iron Triangle." The Iron Triangle is described in Wikipedia and it has only recently begun to be taught in High School Government classes outside the text book. A High School Government teacher explained it to me two years ago the first time I was a Congressional candidate. Since then I have determined that it is probably the most powerful force in the world, suspiciously absent from Government text books and a term that is unfamiliar to most adults.
    Your advocate for better representation and better government.
    Cell Phone: 703-973-8102
    mail address: PO Box 639, Bealeton, Virginia 22712
    11271 Remington Road, Bealeton, Virginia 22712
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