Chris DeCarlo - I
Candidate for Office of Sheriff

October 22, 2019

Hello fellow Fairfax residents,

I am an independent candidate for Office of Sheriff because I want to:

1) be able to arrest elected officials for bribery and in doing so establish a higher standard of conduct for all elected officials in all levels of government.

2) help provide leadership and guidance for adolescents so they can have rich and rewarding lives.

3) initiate an investigation into a possible local Fairfax mafia.

Fairfax Mafia

I am aware that one of the candidates for commonwealth attorney was able to win their primary with the help of a $390,000 donation and that he does not intend to prosecute for small amounts of dope. And I haven't forgotten about the timing of how in 2016, that Karen Garza, the Superintendent of Schools, abruptly abandoned her new $300,000/year contract at the same time that a new school auditor was placed on administrative leave.

I am also aware that one candidate for chairman is under investigation by the Virginia State Police and that Kate Hanley, the former Chairman and Secretary of the Commonwealth, is the aunt of the current sheriff.

Adolescent Success

Regarding my strong interest in youth guidance, as the father of five adolescents I have just authored a handbook for 16 to 22-year-olds titled What Now? An Uncensored Guide to School and Life. If you as a student, parent, or grandparent you would like one or more complimentary copies please text me your name, address, and the number of copies you would like to my cell phone 703-973-8102 and I will mail the copies to you. You can request extra copies for your friends also. It's a great book. See also Letter to Parents and Press Release.

I am familiar with how the FCPS board and its administration has its own agenda, wants to control the conversation, and does not like to be challeged, but as sheriff I will express concerns that some of their actions and policies are contributing to adolescent mental health problems and juvenile delinquency. For starters, I believe that schools should stop micromanaging teachers, bring back cursive, and return to hard textbooks.

FCPS and its psychologists are so closed minded that they even censored What Now? from being distributed at the recent FCPS Mental Wellness Conference despite a school board member publicly recommending the book as a good summer read and rave reviews from many parents with one mother exclaiming, "It has everything I have been trying to tell my daughter."

Constitutional Violations

As sheriff, my goal will be to root out and expose corrupted governance at all levels so your elected representatives are responsive to all their constitutents instead of just their special relationships that usurp your trust.

As your elected Constitutional Officer I will take an oath to protect our Constitutions and your rights as provided in the Virginia and US Constitutions and I will have the legal authority to do so.

As your sheriff I will have probable cause that acceptance of campaign contributions is unconstitutional because doing so violates your rights to fair and equal representation and a government of and by the people and in that contributions are nothing more than legalized bribery. Probable cause will be further justified by the fact that legalization did not make contributions a constitutionally protected right.

So what do you think?

Do campaign contributions stifle your voice? Do you have fair and equal representation? Is the acceptance of campaign contributions a violation of your civil rights and has the practice of accepting campaign contributions served the common good?

And I ask, "What ever happened to the government that we were taught about in school?"

Please take a moment to watch one or more of my entertaining campaign rap videos listed below. I think you will find all of them to be relevant.

Chris DeCarlo

Chris DeCarlo

High School Students: If you and some of your friends would like to help promote this campaign message for your service hours, please choose a leader and find someone's house that we can meet at and text me at 703-973-8102 so we can have a campaign event.

"Local sheriffs are the solution to corrupted governance because they have the constitutional authority to arrest elected officials that trade access to the power of the people or the power itself for money. It's that simple." Chris DeCarlo

"Democracy Rides Again"

"Campaign finance laws are a charade to legitimize bribery because acceptance of contributions is a violation of many provisions in the Virginia Constitution and sheriffs are charged with the power of arrest to protect the citizens and their Constitution from such shenanigans." Chris DeCarlo

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  • MP3 Soundtrack Download "Democracy Rides Again"
  • Please call me at 703-973-8102 for more information or send me an email at

    VOTERS: Help "Rock the Capitol" back to its senses by voting for me because I won't accept any contributions and land your strongest punch dead center against political corruption.

    This is a continous campaign against the Invisible Enemy of political corruption because it has infiltrated our government and caused its dysfunction and our loss of trust. This is also a campaign to educate voters that the only way to combat this enemy is by voting for a candidate, such as myself, that will not accept any contributions ever. An election feat that if achieved, would seriously disrupt the status-quo.

    "Invisible Enemy" is a term I coined, but the concept is embodied in what is known as the "Iron Triangle." The Iron Triangle is described in Wikipedia and it has only recently begun to be taught in High School Government classes outside the text book. A High School Government teacher explained it to me two years ago the first time I was a Congressional candidate. Since then I have determined that it is probably the most powerful force in the world, suspiciously absent from Government text books and a term that is unfamiliar to most adults.
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    October 1, 2012.

    Punch Corruption!! Share this candidate website and rap video w/your friends and elected representatives and punch "Big Money" where it really counts.

    Your advocate for better representation and better government.
    Cell Phone: 703-973-8102
    mail address: 9754 Lee Highway, Fairfax, Virginia 22031
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